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  • Week ahead (4/22-4/25)
    Monday 4/22
    Easter Monday - No School

    Tuesday 4/23
    Daily Mass: 11:30
    MAGIS Awards Dinner: 5:30-7:30

    Wednesday 4/24
    STUCO Elections
    Morning Assembly: 7:30
    Daily Mass: 11:30
    Upperclassmen Hearts on Fire: 11:30
    Eucharistic Adoration: 4:30

    Thursday 4/25
    Daily Mass: 12:30
    Underclassmen Hearts on Fire: 12:30
    2019-2020 Registration for Current Students: 4:30

    Friday 4/26: Wednesday Work Day
    Daily Mass: 11:50
    Assembly-Cyber Bullying: 1:00-2:00 

    Friday Bell Schedule
    Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
    Go to class7:26 AM7:30 AM
    1st Hour7:30 AM8:16 AM4 min for Prayer & Announcements
    2nd Hour8:20 AM9:02 AM
    3rd Hour9:06 AM9:48 AM
    4th9:52 AM10:34 AM
    5th10:38 AM11:20 AM
    A Lunch11:20 AM11:50 AM6th11:24 AM12:06 PM
    6th11:54 AM12:36 PMB Lunch12:06 PM12:36 PM
    Communities12:40 PM1:00 PM
    20 min: Transition to Communities and to the GYM
    Assembly1:00 PM2:00 PM
    20 min: Overflow time & Transition to 7th Hour & 3 min for Examen
    7th2:20 PM3:11 PM
    8th3:15 PM4:03 PM

    Saturday 4/27:

    This Week in Athletics
    Tuesday 4/23:       Softball v. Forth Bend Christian (Away): 5:00
                                  Baseball v. Second Baptist (Away): 7:00
    Wednesday 4/24:  Baseball v. Second Baptist (HOME): 4:30
                                  Softball v. O'Connell (HOME): 6:00

    Looking Ahead:
    4/29-5/3: Fine Arts Week 
    5/3: Mass and Early Dismissal - Project CEO and Social Justice Presentations 
    Posted Apr 22, 2019, 12:20 PM by Calista Herbert
  • Week ahead (4/15-4/19)
    Monday 4/15
    Daily Mass: 12:30

    Tuesday 4/16
    Daily Mass: 11:30
    2019-2020 Registration: 4:30

    Wednesday 4/17
    Morning Assembly: 7:30
    Daily Mass: 11:30
    Eucharistic Adoration: 4:30

    Thursday 4/18: HOLY THURSDAY - Early Dismissal 
    Stations of the Cross: 7:30 (all students - delayed start for Thursday CWSP workers)

    Holy Thursday Bell Schedule
    Instructional Hour SpaceStart TimeEnd Time
    Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
    Go to Class7:26 AM7:30 AM
    Holy Thursday Service7:30 AM8:36 AM
    7th8:42 AM9:07 AM
    8th9:11 AM9:36 AM
    1st9:40 AM10:05 AM
    2nd10:09 AM10:34 AM
    3rd10:38 AM11:03 AM
    4th11:07 AM11:32 AM
    5th11:36 AM12:01 PM
    6th12:05 PM12:30 PM

    Friday 4/19: GOOD FRIDAY - NO SCHOOL

    This Week in Athletics:
    Tuesday 4/16:      Softball v. Frassati (HOME): 5:30
                                 Baseball v. Fort Bend Christian (Away): 6:00
    Thursday 4/18:     Baseball v. Fort Bend Christian (HOME): 6:00
                                 Softball v. Cypress Christian (Away): 6:30

    Looking Ahead:
    4/22: Easter Monday - No SCHOOL
    4/23: Magis Awards Dinner
    4/27: Prom
    4/29-5/3: Fine Arts Week
    Posted Apr 22, 2019, 12:19 PM by Calista Herbert
  • Week ahead (4/8-4/12)
    Monday 4/8
    Career Day Training: 11:30 and 12:30
    Daily Mass: 12:30

    Tuesday 4/9
    UH Main Campus College Visit: 8:30
    Texas A&M College Visit: 10:30
    Daily Mass: 11:30

    Wednesday 4/10: Career Day and Accelerated Bell Schedule
    Career Day: 7:30-12:00
    Winter Sports Photos: 4:00
    Eucharistic Adoration: 4:30

    Career Day Bell Schedule
    Career Day -- Special Schedule
    Report to Community location7:25 AM7:30 AM
    Meet in Communities7:30 AM7:50 AMTake attendance, distribute schedules
    Passing period7:50 AM7:55 AM
    Career Session One7:55 AM8:30 AMAll students attend Session One, then Freshmen leave for CWSP Work Day
    Passing period8:30 AM8:35 AM
    Career Session Two8:35 AM9:10 AM
    Passing period9:10 AM9:15 AM
    Career Session Three9:15 AM9:50 AM
    Passing period9:50 AM9:55 AM
    Meet in Communities9:55 AM10:10 AMDebrief, collect participation forms
    Passing period10:10 AM10:15 AM
    P510:15 AM10:51 AM
    P610:55 AM11:31 AM
    A Lunch11:31 AM12:01 PMP711:35 AM12:11 PM
    P712:05 PM12:41 PMB Lunch12:11 PM12:41 PM
    P812:45 PM1:21 PM
    P11:25 PM2:01 PM
    P22:05 PM2:41 PM
    P32:45 PM3:21 PM
    P43:25 PM4:01 PM

    Thursday 4/11
    Daily Mass: 12:30
    Underclassmen Hearts on Fire: 12:30

    Friday 4/12: Tuesday Work Day
    Athletic Eligibility Check
    Daily Mass: 11:30

    This Week in Athletics:
    Monday 4/8:          State Tennis Tournament
                                  Softball v. Lutheran South (HOME): 6:00
    Tuesday 4/9:          Baseball v. Emery Weiner (Away): 6:00
    Wednesday 4/10:   District Track Meeting
    Thursday 4/11:       Baseball v. Emery Weiner (HOME): 6:00 

    Looking Ahead:
    4/10: Career Day
    4/18: Holy Thursday (early Release)
    4/19: Good Friday (No School)
    4/21: Easter
    4/22: Easter Monday (No School)
    Posted Apr 5, 2019, 10:24 AM by Calista Herbert
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