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Week Ahead (8/13-8/17)

posted Aug 13, 2018, 9:15 AM by Calista Herbert
Monday 8/13
Bam Bam Brigade and Assembly (GYM): 7:15 (assembly will begin at 7:30)
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:30 and 12:30
CWSP Job Announcements: 3:54

Monday Bell Schedule - Morning Assembly & CWSP Jobs in afternoon

Opening! Go to Gym7:15 AM7:30 AM
Assembly7:30 AM8:00 AM
1st8:00 AM8:52 AM
2nd8:56 AM9:48 AM
3rd9:52 AM10:44 AM
4th10:48 AM11:40 AM
A Lunch11:40 AM12:10 PM5th11:44 AM12:36 PM
5th12:14 PM1:06 PMB Lunch12:36 PM1:06 PM
6th1:10 PM2:02 PM
7th + Examen2:06 PM2:58 PM
8th3:02 PM3:54 PM
Give out CWSP JOBS!3:54 PM4:03 PM

Tuesday 8/14
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:30 and 12:30
Cross of Constantine: 5:30

Wednesday 8/15 
CWSP Pre-Employment Testing 
School Photos
All School Mass: 7:45
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:30 and 12:30 

Wednesday Bell Schedule for Morning Mass
Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
Go to P5, First Hour7:26 AM7:30 AM
Check uniform. Take attendance7:30 AM7:35 AM
Mass7:45 AM8:50 AM
P58:54 AM9:40 AM
P69:44 AM10:30 AM
P710:34 AM11:20 AM
P811:24 AM12:10 PM
A Lunch12:10 PM12:40 PMP112:14 PM1:00 PM
P112:44 PM1:30 PMB Lunch1:00 PM1:30 PM
P21:34 PM2:20 PM
P32:24 PM3:13 PM(Examen @ 3:10)
P43:17 PM4:03 PM

Thursday 8/16
CWSP Pre-Employment Testing
School Photos
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:30 and 12:30 

Friday 8/17Monday Schedule 
CWSP Pre-Employment Testing
Communities: 3:14

Friday Bell Schedule for Afternoon Assembly
Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
Go to class7:26 AM7:30 AM
1st7:30 AM8:22 AM
2nd8:26 AM9:16 AM
3rd9:20 AM10:10 AM
4th10:14 AM11:04 AM
A Lunch11:04 AM11:34 AM5th11:08 AM11:58 AM
5th11:38 AM12:28 PMB Lunch11:58 AM12:28 PM
6th12:32 PM1:22 PM
7th1:26 PM2:16 PM
8th2:20 PM3:10 PM
Communities3:14 PM4:03 PM

This Week in Athletics
Wednesday 8/15: Varsity Volleyball v. Yes Prep East End (HOME): 5:00
Friday 8/17: Football v. Bay Area Christian (Away): 7:00
Friday 8/17 and Saturday 8/18: Varsity Volleyball - Grace Christian Academy Volleyball Tournament: Depart Friday at 7:45

Looking Ahead
8/22 and 8/23: CWSP Job Site Orientation (no regular classes)
8/30: Mass of the Holy Spirit
9/4: First CWSP Work Day