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Week ahead (4/16-4/20)

posted Apr 16, 2018, 6:50 AM by Calista Herbert
Monday 4/16
Bilingual Mass: 7:00
Campus Ministry Hangout: 4:00

Tuesday 4/17
Daily Mass: 11:30
Returning Student Registration Session: 4:15

Wednesday 4/18
Morning Assembly: 7:30
Daily Mass: 11:37
Eucharistic Adoration: 4:30

Thursday 4/19
Daily Mass: 11:30
Campus Ministry Hangout: 4:00

Friday 4/20Monday Work Day
Mass and Early Dismissal
Faculty/Staff PD: 1:30-4:00

Friday Bell Schedule
Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
Go to Class7:26 AM7:30 AM
1st7:30 AM8:00 AM
2nd8:04 AM8:30 AM
3rd8:34 AM9:00 AM
4th9:04 AM9:30 AM
5th9:34 AM10:00 AM
6th10:04 AM10:30 AM
7th10:34 AM11:00 AM
8th11:04 AM11:30 AM
Community11:34 AM11:40 AM
Mass11:50 AM1:00 PM

This Week in Athletics
Monday 4/16:      Softball v. KIPP Houston (AWAY): 5:00
Tuesday 4/17:      Baseball v. KIPP Houston (AWAY) 4:00
Friday 4/20:         Baseball v. KIPP Generations (AWAY): 5:30
                            Softball v. KIPP Generations (AWAY): 5:30                        

Looking Ahead
4/23:    CRJ Golf Tournament
4/24:    Magis Awards
5/2:      Fine Arts Festival
5/4:      Social Justice/Project CEO Panels