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Week Ahead (1/14 - 1/18)

posted Jan 11, 2019, 10:59 AM by Calista Herbert
Monday January 14th
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:30 and 12:30
Daily Mass: 12:30

Tuesday January 15th
Texas State College Visit: 10:30
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:30 and 12:30
Communion Service: 11:30
UH Downtown College Visit: 2:00

Wednesday January 16th
Assembly-Brain, anxiety, Depression & Suicide (Part 2): 7:30
Campus Ministry Fair: 11:58 and 12:02
Daily Mass: 11:58
Upperclassmen Hearts on Fire:11:58
Eucharistic Adoration: 4:30

Wednesday Bell Schedule
Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
Go to GYM7:26 AM7:30 AM
Assembly7:30 AM8:20 AM50 min
1st Hour8:30 AM9:19 AM
2nd Hour9:23 AM10:12 AM
3rd Hour10:16 AM11:05 AM
4th Hour11:09 AM11:58 AM
A Lunch11:58 AM12:28 PM5th Hour12:02 PM12:51 PM
5th Hour12:32 PM1:21 PMB Lunch12:51 PM1:21 PM
6th Hour1:25 PM2:14 PM
7th Hour2:18 PM3:10 PM
8th Hour3:14 PM4:03 PM

Thursday January 17th
Underclassmen Hearts on Fire: 12:30
Daily Mass: 12:30

Friday January 18: Thursday Work Day and Early Dismissal
Monthly Mass: 11:50
Professional Development Meeting: 1:30-4:00

Friday Bell Schedule
Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
Go to Class7:26 AM7:30 AM
1st7:30 AM8:00 AM
2nd8:04 AM8:30 AM
3rd8:34 AM9:00 AM
4th9:04 AM9:30 AM
5th9:34 AM10:00 AM
6th10:04 AM10:30 AM
7th10:34 AM11:00 AM
8th11:04 AM11:30 AM
Community11:34 AM11:40 AM
Mass11:50 AM1:00 PM

This Week in Athletics
Monday 1/14: Girls and Boys Soccer v. Second Baptist (HOME) 5:30 (girls); 7:15 (boys)
Tuesday 1/15: JV and Varsity Basketball v. Second Baptist (Away) 3:30 (JV girls); 5:00 (JV boys); 6:30 (V girls); 8:00 (V boys)
Thursday 1/17: JV and Varsity Basketball v. Lutheran South (HOME) 4:00 (JV girls); 5:00 (JV boys); 6:00 (V girls); 7:30 (V boys)
                         Girls and Boys Soccer v. Fortbend Christian (HOME) 5:30 (girls); 7:15 (boys)
Friday 1/18: PCA Athletic Training 1:00

Looking Ahead
January 21: MLK Day - NO SCHOOL
January 22: Early Dismissal 
January 24-26: Junior Boys Retreat
January 28-30: Junior Girls Retreat
February 2: CRJ Gala