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Week ahead (10-7-10/11)

posted Oct 4, 2019, 12:35 PM by Calista Herbert
Monday 10/7
School Mass: 10:00
Senior Grade Level Meeting: 2:00

Lockers7:15 AM7:26 AM
Go to Class7:26 AM7:30 AM
H17:30 AM8:16 AM
H28:20 AM9:06 AM
H39:10 AM9:56 AMH3 Teachers bring class to mass (leave bags)
Mass/Assembly10:00 AM11:10 AMStudents grab bags & go to lunch/H4
A Lunch11:20 AM11:50 AMH411:24 AM12:10 PM
H411:54 AM12:40 PMB Lunch12:10 PM12:40 PM
H512:44 PM1:30 PM
H61:34 PM2:20 PM
H72:24 PM3:13 PM(Examen @ 3:10pm)
H83:17 PM4:03 PM
Class duration

Tuesday 10/8
University of Notre Dame college visit: 8:30
The Catholic University of America college visit: 9:30
Sophomore Grade Level Meeting: 2:00
Franklin & Marshall college Visit: 2:04
Catholic HIgh School College Night (at Strake): 5:00
Daily Mass: 11:30

Wednesday 10/9
Communities: 7:30
Boston College visit: 9:45
Marquette University visit: 10:43
Freshman Grade Level Meeting: 10:54
Daily Mass: 11:46
Hearts on Fire and Beloved (Upperclassmen): 11:37
St. Edward's University Visit: 1:10
St. Mary's University Visit: 2:45
Eucharistic Adoration: 4:30

Wednesday Communities Bell Schedule
Go to Community7:15 AM7:30 AM
Community7:30 AM8:00 AM
1st Hour - P58:06 AM8:58 AM
2nd Hour - P69:02 AM9:54 AM
3rd Hour - P79:58 AM10:50 AM
4th Hour - P810:54 AM11:46 AM
A Lunch11:46 AM12:16 PM5th11:50 AM12:42 PM
5th Hour - P112:20 PM1:12 PMB Lunch12:42 PM1:12 PM
6th Hour - P21:16 PM2:08 PM
7th Hour - P32:12 PM3:07 PM(Examen @ 3:04)
8th Hour - P43:11 PM4:03 PM

Thursday 10/10
Junior Grade Level Meeting: 8:30
Hearts on Fire and Beloved (underclassmen): 12:30
Daily Mass: 12:30
FAFSA Night: 5:00

Friday 10/11: Tuesday Work Day
Quarter 1 Ends
Daily Mass: 11:30

This Week in Athletics
Monday 10/7: JV and V Volleyball v. Westbury Christian (HOME): 5:30(JV), 6:30 (V)
Tuesday 10/8: Freshman, JV and V Volleyball v. Frassati Catholic School (Away) 4:30(F), 5:30 (JV), 6:30 (V)
Thursday 10/10: Freshman and JV Volleyball v. Emery/Weiner (Away): 4:30 (F), 5:30 (JV)
Friday 10/11: Football v. St. John XIII (Away): 7:00

Looking Ahead
October 14: Indigenous Peoples' Day - NO SCHOOL
October 18: Homecoming 
October 23: National Honor Society Inductions
October 24-26: Junior Girls Retreat